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PS5 Digital Edition vs Disk Edition Showdown, A Sri Lankan Buyers Guide to PlayStation 5

It has been over two years since PlayStation 5 was launched, and even to this day, whenever there is a discourse on which edition of the console to purchase, it spurs heated debate within the community. Is the digital edition better than the standard disk edition? That depends on quite a number of factors. We have done the research, and this article should help you to decide as a Sri Lankan on which edition to buy.

What’s the difference between the two editions?

When it comes to the technical specifications such as CPU power, Ram, GPU power and Internal Storage, both consoles are nearly identical. Unlike the Xbox Series X vs Serries S, the primary difference between the two PlayStation 5 editions comes from the 4K Blu-ray disk drive.

Why should you get the digital edition?

It may seem tempting to buy the digital edition as it costs slightly less than the disk edition, but this is a big mistake most Sri Lankans make when purchasing their PS5. On average, a digital copy of an AAA game title costs 70USD on the PlayStation store on release. That comes to around 25,000 LKR or more, depending on the current exchange rate. If you are an avid gamer who loves to play titles on release, this may potentially be a significant money sink.

The second issue with getting a digital edition is that it requires a good internet connection. Most of the current AAA titles are large downloads. They can be as large as 200GB. This forces you to switch to an unlimited plan which is costly as the limited plans won’t suffice. On the other hand, the disk edition allows you to get away with a limited internet connection as most of the game files are in the disk, so you will only need to download the patches/updates.

So, are there any benefits to the digital edition? Maybe. The only advantage we see when it comes to owning the digital edition is having to not worry about the hassle of taking care of the game disks.
We often find users touting the fact that with the digital edition, you won’t have to worry about finding a retailer to buy the games you are looking for. But then again, this point becomes invalid as the disk edition can also purchase games digitally from the PlayStation store.

Even if you are financially adept and can purchase games at launch from PlayStation Store at full price , the benefits of owning a disk edition outweigh the cost, making the price difference between both editions negligible at best.

Why the disk edition? What is so good about it?

The biggest advantage of getting the Disk Edition is the used game disk market. On websites like ikman.lk or gamecity.lk, you can easily find a plethora of listings of sellers looking to sell their used disks. You can often get an AAA title for half the regular price. Since there are no limitations when using second-hand game disks, you can always resell the game disk once you finish the game.

What happens if you can’t find a retailer selling the game you are looking for?

Simple, you can buy the games off the PlayStation store. You are not forced to purchase disk versions of the games simply because you own a disk edition. You get the best of both worlds.

Our Verdict

Get the disk edition. The price difference can easily be outweighed by purchasing used games. Especially in Sri Lanka, where our average median income is lower compared to most western countries. Having the option to purchase second-hand disks makes this a no-brainer.

Also, you won’t have to worry about using up your entire month’s internet bandwidth downloading a single game or having to switch to an unlimited plan which costs an arm and a leg here.


The only time we would advise getting the digital edition is if you are never going to buy a used disk or don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking care of disks. If you do opt into getting the digital edition, we would advise on buying games during seasonal discounts.

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